If you have been arrested for DWI in the state of Texas, you need to take action to defend yourself. The best way to do this is to hire a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney.  The attorneys at Giles & Giles are Waco-based attorneys who know the criminal justice system, as well as local authorities with which you will be working.

Consequences of a DWI Arrest

The consequences of a DWI conviction can substantially change your life in ways you can’t, and don’t want to, imagine. The impacts of a DWI conviction can reach into every aspect of your life, from your job to your marriage and even child custody. A defense lawyer’s job is to minimize the legal consequences. Depending on the particular circumstances of your arrest and your driving record, these legal consequences of a DWI can vary.  

There are two categories of DWI charges: felony and misdemeanor. A felony DWI conviction can result in a minimum of 180 days in jail and the maximum of life imprisonment. The penalties for a misdemeanor DWI conviction range from a fine of not more than $500 to a year in county jail.

A DWI case can be complicated and full of legalistic details. There is a saying that the devil is in the details, and those details are what a lawyer is trained to look for to help minimize the impact of a DWI arrest. The details of the arrest, as well as of your life, and other factors may help your lawyer defend you and minimize the effects of your arrest.

A Defense Lawyer’s Job

A defense lawyer in a DWI case has the job of making sure your arrest was carried out to the letter of the law and to find any extenuating circumstances to help minimize the legal consequences. This can mean working with the District Attorney to get the charges reduced to a lesser charge or a plea deal with, for example, your enrollment in an alcohol program.

The state has the burden of proof. This means they have to prove that your blood alcohol content was above the legal limit of .08 at the time of the arrest. Other factors that may influence your case are whether this was your first offense or not, if there was a child in the car, and if you injured or killed another person. A lawyer from Giles & Giles understands the impact a conviction will have on your life and will do all they can to work with you, and the court, to help you through this stressful time.
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