criminal-law-PC-areas-pageCriminal Law
Being charged with a crime has a lasting impact on your life. Being wrongfully accused has an even greater impact. But no matter what you’re charged with, you need an experienced advocate by your side. We have experience in all levels of criminal defense, from simple traffic tickets to first degree felony cases to federal crimes at all levels. Understanding when your rights may have been violated and discussing the best options for you is an important step for anyone charged with a crime. Giles & Giles, P.C. offers criminal defense attorneys who will listen to you, discuss your options, and stand by your side through this difficult process.

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family-law-PC-areas-pageFamily Law
Your family is everything to you. But what happens when that changes? Whether it’s a divorce proceeding, a custody battle, or the chance to adopt a child, family law cases are always emotionally charged. It’s important to have an attorney you trust to guide you through the process, and protect your interests, while recognizing that you are going through a difficult situation. We offer experience in both negotiation and courtroom practice. Let Giles & Giles, P.C. help you navigate the tricky legal family disputes with you, making the process much easier and maybe just a little less painful.

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estate-law-PC-areas-pageEstate Law
If you have more than a pot to piss in, you need to consider speaking with a good estate lawyer to make sure those assets go where you want them to after your death. A well-written will or a thorough estate plan will maximize the value of your assets at your death, as well as ease the transition for those left behind. If it’s important for you to take care of your loved ones once you’re gone, it’s essential that you talk to an experienced estate lawyer. Giles and Giles estate lawyers offer estate planning that can help you control and protect your estate through your lifetime and beyond.

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