1. Lewis Giles Named Rising Star By SuperLawyers

    Lewis was recently honored by being named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers, an honor that is only awarded to no more than 2.5% of a state's attorneys. You can check out his profile and get more information at SuperLawyers.com.  …Read More

  2. Planning Your Estate – Why is it Important?

    Planning Your Estate - Why is it Important? Many people have heard of estate planning, but don’t actually know very much about it, or understand how they could benefit from it. Estate planning is about conserving assets and protecting family wealth…Read More

  3. Estate Planning

    Estate Planning in Texas Protecting your assets while achieving you and your families’ personal financial goals is a big part of estate planning. Estate planning is important for making sure that your assets and property are transferred to the peop…Read More

  4. Wills: Why Do I Need One?

    When a loved one or relative dies it can be a very sad and difficult time for everyone involved.  Things can get complicated very quickly if the deceased person did not leave a valid will.  The death of someone close to us is usually an infrequent …Read More

  5. Testament Capacity – Your Last Will and Testament

    Testament Capacity - Your Last Will and Testament Understanding the Complexities of End of Life Documents in Texas One of the most common grounds for challenging the validity of a last-will and testament is to question whether the testator had testa…Read More