1. Testament Capacity – Your Last Will and Testament

    Testament Capacity - Your Last Will and Testament Understanding the Complexities of End of Life Documents in Texas One of the most common grounds for challenging the validity of a last-will and testament is to question whether the testator had testa…Read More

  2. Probate Alternative: Muniment of Title

    Probate or Muniment of Title? Contrary to popular belief, the traditional probate process in Texas is relatively easy. However, Texas also offers an even less complicated manner of disposing the estate of a loved one after he or she passes.  Unique …Read More

  3. Will – Do I Need One?

    Will I Need an Estate Plan? It never hurts to be prepared. And more importantly, you can have a positive impact on your family by setting your affairs in order long before you need to. But here are some good reasons to think about drafting a will: …Read More