It is important that drivers keep as clean a driving record as possible.  We can defend your rights and help you with your traffic ticket and in many cases can keep it off your driving record and get a reduction of your fine.

$450.00 Traffic Ticket Defense

We charge $450.00, plus the cost of the fine to handle the traffic ticket through a negotiated settlement.  Our goal  is to reach a negotiated solution with the court that will guarantee you won’t have a conviction on your driving record. While we are always ready to try a case, most of our clients aren’t looking for a solution with that kind of price tag or time commitment with necessary court appearances.

Many people want to “fight” their ticket offenses. However, after going over everything, most decide on a negotiated settlement.  Plea bargains are only good if you can get the outcome you want from them. In such a case, a plea bargain can guarantee you get the result instead of taking a risk of a less favorable result at trial. We can assist you in evaluating your options and help you understand whether or not you should accept a plea offer or take your matter to trial.  Since cost is always an issue, and with a typical day of trial costing in the thousands of dollars, a negotiated settlement is usually the better alternative. But in cases where there are no good alternatives, a trial may be the best way to go.

In situations like these, you can come in and see use for a free consultation to go over your options.
While we handle all kinds of Class C misdemeanors, the most common moving violations are:

  • Speeding
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way
  • Failure to Stop at Stop Sign
  • Failure to Stop at Red Light
  • Failure to Signal Lane Change

In 2003, Texas starting assigning and keeping track of points for traffic convictions.  Subchapter B of Chapter 708 in the Texas Transportation Code states how this point system works.


(a) The driver’s license of a person accumulates a point under this subchapter as of the date the department records a conviction of the person under Section 521.042 or other applicable law.

(b) For each conviction arising out of a separate transaction, the department shall assign points to a person’s license as follows:

(1) two points for a moving violation of the traffic law of this state or another state that is not otherwise described

(2); and three points for a moving violation of the traffic law of this state, another state, or a political subdivision of this or another state that resulted in an accident.


Each year, the department shall assess a surcharge on the license of a person who has accumulated six or more points under this subchapter during the preceding 36-month period.


The amount of a surcharge under this chapter is $100 for the first six points and $25 for each additional point. The surcharge is paid each year for three years and if you do not pay a surcharge, the Department of Public Safety will automatically suspend your drivers license. Additionally, if you receive a single conviction of Driving While License Suspended or No Financial Responsibility (No Auto Liability Insurance), points do not matter; you owe a surcharge of $250 per year for three years. Driving with No Valid Operators License (No Driver’s License) will also result in a surcharge of $100 per year for three years.