1. Warrantless Searches – An Atrocity

    Warrantless Searches And Your Constitutional Rights Everyone is familiar with the idea of needing a warrant before police can search a person’s property. Portrayed on television, viewers see police officers and prosecutors arguing about whether the…Read More

  2. MIP and Floating Down the River

    MIP - Floating the River and What You Should Know During the summer months, outdoor activities surrounding the water are very popular for families, teenagers, and college students. With the increased activity, law enforcement (including game wardens)…Read More

  3. Emancipation of a Minor

    Emancipation - Removing the Disabilities of Minority In most states you are considered a “child” when you are a minor, which is when a person is under the age of eighteen, and minors are generally not allowed to make adult decisions. Parents or g…Read More

  4. Juvenile vs. Adult – When Minors Break The Law

    Children. They can be the apple of a parent’s eye or a parent’s pride and joy. However, some children push the boundaries that parents set, even going as far as breaking the law. If a child, who is considered a minor, is charged with a crime, he…Read More