1. Lewis Giles Named Rising Star By SuperLawyers

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  2. Warrantless Searches – An Atrocity

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  3. MIP and Floating Down the River

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  4. Fighting Shoplifting Charges In Texas

    Shoplifting - Texas Misdemeanor This time of year is fraught with excitement. People are hustling to get their holiday shopping completed. The stores are packed with people and everyone is busy and rushed. But shoppers beware: this is the time of yea…Read More

  5. Marijuana Penalties in Texas

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  6. DWI in Texas

    Under Texas law, driving while intoxicated is defined as driving a vehicle while drunk on alcohol, or under the influence of drugs. It is a criminal offense and for the most part, the law provides specific blood alcohol concentrations, which are deem…Read More

  7. DWI – Now What?

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  8. Sentencing Options in Texas

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