Our attorneys are another part of what makes Giles & Giles, P.C. special. Not only do we have the training and experience to help you with your case, but we understand how important this is to your life and how stressful the whole situation can be for you. We understand that this is your case, your life and that is why it is the attorney’s primary responsibility to advise you on all the issues that come up as part of your case and help you through any decisions that you will need to make. Once you make your decisions on how you want to move forward, then it is the attorneys to make those decisions into results.

Lewis and Lori are our active attorneys and are available to help you with you criminal law, family law, or estate issues in your life. Claude and Tom are both now retired and are of counsel. While they are not available for hire directly , their decades of experience and knowledge helped shape our firm and they are available to the whole firm as a resource for advise, counsel, and information.


Of Counsel


Of Counsel